What’s New at Cancer Harbors?

What’s New at Cancer Harbors?
August 28, 2016 Alene Nitzky
Cancer Harbors Survivorship Care Plan and Program

The summer is drawing to a close and the new Cancer Harbors program has been up and running since spring. The feedback provided by users has been invaluable for making changes to the program to make it user-friendly, easy to navigate and understand.

We’ve determined that a print version and e-book version with new Cancer Harbors changes would be helpful, so we’re in the process of preparing it to release sometime in late 2016 or early 2017. We will keep updates coming.

Starting this fall we will be offering Cancer Harbors through Hope Lives, a nonprofit organization in Northern Colorado serving women with breast cancer. Additional outreach negotiations are in the works and will be announced here in the future.

Some of our services and prices will be modified in 2017Ā and we will keep you apprised of those here, too.

This summer, our CEO and founder, Alene, took a vacation to Los Angeles and spent time at the beach, a refreshing break after spending many hours a day for months working on the program. While the ocean and beaches were refreshing, L.A. is a busy place with lots of people. A few weeks later, she spent a couple of days on a personal retreat up in the mountains for some seclusion and solitude to work on changes to the new Cancer Harbors program. You can see her video from that retreatĀ here.

Alene will be attending a 2 day palliative care workshop in the Denver area in late August and has been busy talking to various agencies and nonprofits about Cancer Harbors.

The days and nights are cooling off here in Colorado and we’re looking forward to fall, crisp air and colors!

Please check back with us soon and we’ll let you know how the improvements are coming along!


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