Welcome to Sunspirit Wellness Services

Welcome to Sunspirit Wellness Services
January 29, 2014 Alene Nitzky
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Photo of sunriseMy name is Alene Nitzky, I want to introduce you to my business website and talk about what I’m doing with my business.

I am a registered nurse and certified health coach with a background in oncology, critical care, health and wellness, and I have taught, coached, and worked in academic, athletic, and health care settings.

I am also an ultraendurance runner, writer and artist. I love the outdoors, Australian shepherds, and ice cream.

Sunspirit Wellness Services, LLC is my new health coaching business based in Fort Collins, Colorado. The purpose of Sunspirit Wellness Services is to help clients develop new and healthy lifestyle habits that improve quality of life and prevent disease from starting, or prevent recurrence and complications.

My dream in launching this business is to take the latest scientific evidence and apply the creativity and resourcefulness of my nursing and wellness background to help my clients improve on their health, well-being, and quality of life.

I have a passion for working with people who have been through cancer treatment and are launching into the life change that is often called “survivorship”.  I can help you make the best of your experience after treatment, or between treatments, and help you adjust your lifestyle in ways that will improve your health, restore your energy and allow you to explore new paths in life.

Please check out the website, it’s easy to navigate and easy to contact me if you have any questions. Free consultations are available for most of my services. 


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