Top Nurse Blog Award

Top Nurse Blog Award
February 25, 2019 Alene Nitzky
Top Nurse Blog 2018

We’re proud to announce that Cancer Harbors recently was designated a top nurse blog for 2018 by!

We are a nurse-owned business and feature nurse-developed programs and services for people going through the experience of cancer. This includes support in roles as a patient, caregiver, survivor, family member, friend, and/or supporter.

In the coming year we anticipate participating in more social media activity. We’ll be adding a video series on You Tube, expanded materials around cancer literacy, and more information as we move forward with the Cancer Harbors Program.

We have some exciting news coming soon, as we have just completed a year-long pilot project with a group version of Cancer Harbors for breast cancer survivors in a community setting. Look for the details, as we will be announcing our results and posting them in the near future here on this blog.


Cancer Harbors Founder, Alene Nitzky, speaking at Nurses Take DC April 26, 2018.

What Nurses Do

Nurses are among the most trusted professions in the U.S. and need the public’s understanding and support for what we do. We are leaders in public health, advocacy, policy, legislation, and safety. There are nearly 4 million nurses in the U.S., some of whom are working in direct patient care at the bedside or within healthcare organizations. Many nurses choose roles in the community, in business, and in government.

In acute care settings such as hospitals and clinics, short-staffing of nurses impacts patient safety. Nurses need the public to be aware of this widespread problem and speak out for change. Use your voice as a patient, family member, and citizen to let hospital administration and your representatives at the local, state, and national levels know that you are concerned about administrative practices of understaffing of nurses that lead to burnout, turnover, and compromised safety for patients.

What You Can Do

You can use the patient satisfaction surveys to let hospital administration know your concerns. When possible, ask someone to follow-up with you personally. Never pass up an opportunity to voice your opinion on those surveys.  Management does read them and they will respond.

By speaking up, you are helping to ensure better patient safety for yourself, your family members, and the public. On behalf of all nurses, thank you.


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