Personalized Cancer Health Coaching Services

Personalized Cancer Health Coaching Services

What Can a Health Coach Do for You as a Person Living with or Recovering from Cancer?

A Health Coach Asks:

1. What challenges are you facing?
2. What are you trying to achieve?
3. What support do you need?
4. Where will you get it?
5. What action can you take now?

Regardless of whether you have early stage or advanced cancer, your quality of life is the priority. We listen and support you in actions that work for you.

  • Alene helped with my immediate health needs in union with my physical, spiritual and emotional issues. Her approach is a unique blend of inspiration and compassion-combining her expertise as an oncology nurse, in the workings of the human body, as a coach and healer, enabled me to embark through a personal transformation.

    I am deeply grateful for the way you shared your passion and purpose.

    K.B., Fort Collins, CO, health coaching client
    K.B., Fort Collins, CO, health coaching client

Cancer Harbors™ is a service of Sunspirit Wellness Services. The mission of Sunspirit Wellness Services is to provide affordable, accessible, state of the art & science, evidence-based cancer survivorship caring through education, knowledge & skill-building, and advocacy for our clients. We provide both online cancer survivorship programs through Cancer Harbors and private cancer health coaching.

The process of going through cancer treatment, living with long-term treatment, or recovering from treatment, requires support for coping with the many changes that occur in your body and life, and affect those around you, too. Cancer health coaching can make this process easier by taking the time to learn about you, guiding you in the best ways to care for yourself at this difficult time, addressing your individual needs, and giving you personalized attention. A cancer support coach can also explain what the doctor said, what it means, and what you need to do next.

Many people with cancer find they need help with adding physical activity, healthy eating, managing energy levels, knowing what to expect during or after treatment, and figuring out realistic and attainable goals to have a good quality of life regardless of their stage of cancer or likelihood of recovery. Quality of life includes giving yourself permission to focus on your physical, emotional, social, and spiritual concerns.

Our services are designed to complement medical advice, not to replace it. We are part of your team, and can work with you before, during, after, or through ongoing cancer treatment. If you live in northern Colorado, we can also come to you*, saving you another trip away from home. We are also available for sessions online.

* In-Home coaching limited areas in Northern Colorado only. To set up health coaching, contact and we will schedule an appointment by phone.

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