Cancer Harbors Monthly Path To Cancer Recovery

Cancer Harbors Monthly Path To Cancer Recovery
May 21, 2016 Alene Nitzky
Path to Cancer Recovery | Cancer Harbors Survivorship Care Plan and Program

The path to cancer recovery is presented in Cancer HarborsĀ through a library of self-paced learning activities. Video-enhanced and illustrated, these educational and skill-building materials will help you restore your well-being and empower you to move forward.

The followingĀ learning activity modules are listed in the order they areĀ suggested for useĀ after signup for Cancer Harbors. You can adjust according to your needs.

Month One

Introduction & Users Guide email & videos

After Cancer Treatment

Nutrition & Weight Control 1

Exercise & Weight Control Benefits Related to Cancer

Diaphragmatic Breathing


Your Blood and How it Works

Gift-Giver Samples (included in Month One)


Home Safety

What to do about anxiety

Weight control & Nutrition 1

Benefits of exercise in regards to cancer

Exercise vs. Physical activity

Online & Print Info

Self Advocacy: Taking Responsibility for your health

Month Two

Breast Cancer Specific : Contains: Aromatase Inhibitors Checklist, Managing Side Effects of Aromatase Inhibitors, Living with Aromatase Inhibitors and Tamoxifen, & Breast Reconstruction Options

General Survivorship Needs: Contains: Radiation Aftereffects, Appearance & Functional Changes, Pain, Neuropathy, What to do about Chemo Brain & Cognitive Dysfunction, Prehab, Lymphedema,Athletes with Cancer

Self-Advocacy Intro

Exercise Vs. Physical Activity

Exercise Safety

Time & Energy Conservation

Emotional Needs

Dealing with Difficult People

Month Three


Self-Advocacy Communication: Doctors

Exercise & Physical Activity 1: Basics

Nutrition & Weight Control 2

Facing Fears & Anxiety


Month Four

Exercise & Physical Activity Part 2

Understanding Chemo Brain & Cognitive Dysfunction

Self-Advocacy- Communication: Symptoms

Healthy Foods vs. Healthy Diet

Workplace, Occupational, Financial, Legal Concerns

Joint Aches

Month Five

Understanding the Language of Exercise

Cognitive Dysfunction & Chemo Brain: What to Do

Self-Advocacy- Communication: Scope of Practice

Appearance & Functional Changes

Nutrition & Weight Control 3

Month Six

Indoor Restorative Environments

What to Do About Anxiety

Self-Advocacy- Taking Responsibility for Your Health

Nutrition & Weight Control 4

Online & Print Information

Month Seven

Journaling & Expressive Therapies


Self-Advocacy- Actions to Take

Lifelong Learning

Nutrition & Weight Control 5

Month Eight


Home Safety


Mental Health

Science & Research

Month Nine

Prevention, Risk & Cause

Trauma, PTSD & Coping

Genetic Counseling & Testing, Lifelong Learning topic

Spiritual Considerations


What Doctors and Nurses Don’t Talk About

Month Ten

Taking Medications

Outdoor Restorative Environments

Using Social Media & Tweetchats

Athletes With Cancer

A Self-Care Exercise

Month Eleven



Radiation Aftereffects


Self-Care Exercise

Month Twelve

Goal Setting & Reframing


Understanding Your Labs

Quality of Life

Self-Care Exercise

Self-evaluation & program Evaluation


Some new modules coming in 2016 include Fertility, Genetic Counseling & Testing, Coping with Functional & Appearance Changes, Oral Health & Dental Concerns with Cancer, and more Self-Care Exercises. There are frequent updates with new scientific evidence-based recommendations and practice changes.


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