October Again!

October Again!
October 2, 2017 Alene Nitzky

How did it get to be October so quickly?

Unless you’ve been asleep for a few decades, just about everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s critically important that we recognize the ongoing burden of breast cancer on the people who are diagnosed, along with their loved ones. We at Cancer Harbors believe in community, and we want to provide support in places where the usual parade of pink overlooks the everyday reality for those living with breast cancer or in remission.

This month we are supporting Hope Lives! in their annual fundraising gala for breast cancer patients in northern Colorado. Cancer Harbors is a post-treatment program that complements a doctor’s survivorship care plan, and helps ease the transition from patient-in-treatment, to post-treatment needs for restoring well-being. It is offered to Hope Lives clients free of charge for six months after treatment, not just in October, butĀ year-round!

We also offer FIERCE class, an active, movement-based support group twice a month September through May. Check out our calendar!

Our forthcoming book, Navigating the C: A Nurse Charts the Course on Cancer Survivorship Care, is written for improving overall support for people with cancer, focusing on all stakeholders in healthcare: patients, caregivers, citizens, nurses, physicians, other healthcare professionals, community providers of restorative services, executives, administrators, legislators, policymakers, and charitable organizations. It provides solutions for making the treatment and/or recovery experiences less traumatic and more helpful for the everyday issues faced by those with cancer.








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