Navigating the C: A Book for Everyone

Navigating the C: A Book for Everyone
January 19, 2018 Alene Nitzky

If you are one of the lucky people who has never had a cancer diagnosis, but avoid cancer information and talking about it because of fear, I want to talk to you, too! Navigating the C is ideal for people who know little about cancer, or have high levels of fear and anxiety around it.

By avoiding the topic and not learning about it, you are more likely to experience more trauma around a cancer diagnosis for you or someone you love. There are some small things you can do in your life, they don’t take much effort, but they do take a little thought and planning, but they can go a long way toward making a sudden cancer scare A LOT more manageable.

We have to stop associating the word cancer with death. In more cases than not, people do get through treatment and resume their lives. Even some people with advanced cancer can live for years with better quality of life than ever before. The challenge to all of us, is how to make cancer survivorship, regardless of type, stage, and prognosis, more visible and less scary, and much more supportive and accepted.

Navigating the C will give everyone tips on establishing their values around living life fully, quality of life, and what’s most important to them. The healthcare system doesn’t make it easy, but this book will give you skills to manage even in a crisis, making the entire process more navigable.


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