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Cancer Harbors Provides Comprehensive, Post-Treatment Support to Clients and Caregivers

“The medical profession has to take ownership of the collateral damage that its treatments cause if we are ever going to reduce it.”

— Susan M. Love, MD, Founder, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

There are a lot of things patients are not told about the consequences of their treatment, and they interfere with functioning, quality of life, happiness, enjoyment- things that people who have not personally dealt with cancer take for granted. Being thoughtful, compassionate, and acting with concern about people’s lives beyond the clinical setting is still sorely missing from cancer care in many places. PEOPLE, not patients.

Cancer patients often experience difficulty in having their ongoing recovery needs met after treatment. A partnership approach between health care providers can truly make a difference in how soon the client achieves a good quality of life.

Clients often say they would like more personalization along with a healing approach after treatment, instead of what feels like never-ending medical intervention. Cancer Harbors is a human-interactive complement to the follow-up guidelines in a physician’s survivorship care plan.

Many survivorship care plans give health behavior suggestions (exercise, eat healthfully, don’t smoke, manage stress) to clients who lack knowledge about how to proceed and may lack the skills and resources needed to make those changes. Having readily available, approachable professional assistance relieves anxiety and can provide clear, simple guidance in health behavior change.

Cancer Harbors provides cancer patient support for clients and their caregivers and loved ones, restoring quality of life and independence and facilitating the transition to a healthy lifestyle following cancer treatment. Cancer Harbors clients are fully supported and coached in the importance of following through with the recommended guidelines, screenings, and checkups from their doctors.

To fill the gaps in knowledge, continuity of support, and transition back to their lives and preferred roles, Cancer Harbors provides evidence-based information, skills, and tools that encourage physical activity, social interaction, and self-care, empowering the client to take charge of their health, managing the stressors beyond treatment, and improving health literacy, things that many of them did not do before being diagnosed.

The focus of Cancer Harbors is on quality of life and not disease, on client needs and preferences, not algorithms. It’s the ideal place to pick up when medical treatment ends.

About Cancer Harbors Founder, Alene Nitzky, Ph. D., RN, OCN

Consider these Statements from Cancer Survivors:

  • If doctors would ask their patients what they prefer, patients would love them for it!

  • My life is NOT normal. It’s not normal to scan, treat, wait, repeat. It’s NOT normal to live like this. In my opinion post-treatment life is scarier than any chemo.

  • My greatest resource was other survivors: they told you what the doctors missed, showed their breasts, talked about sex, and so on.

  • As with everything, one size fits none.

  • My experience with medical professionals who deal with cancer is that most are numb to suffering and ill-equipped to be supportive. I look elsewhere for support.

  • Who feels well enough after chemo to celebrate? It took me months to recover!

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