Cancer Harbors For Survivors

Cancer Harbors For Survivors
January 29, 2016 Alene Nitzky

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What Does Cancer Harbors Survivorship Coaching Provide?

You’ll gain access to video-enhanced, downloadable skill-building guidance for a more complete recovery from cancer treatment, that you might not ever hear from your doctors.

You get helpful tips and access to a library of exercise videos all of which you can do at home with ordinary household items, no special exercise equipment needed. We don’t fill your inbox with junk newsletters.

Videoconference with a knowledgeable cancer health coach where you can ask questions, get answers, and learn practical skills to make changes to improve your health. No technical skill needed, just click on a link in your email and you’re there!

Cancer Harbors Coaches give you knowledge and confidence to go out and seek what you need in your community, building a stronger base of support for you, having an extra member of your team when you most need it, after you leave the comfort and security of your cancer doctors.

Cancer Harbors Coaches take on the questions that doesn’t get asked in medical treatment: How are you feeling, functioning, and re-adjusting to life as a result of cancer? It’s not about what your labs or scans say, it’s about how you feel and function every single day as you go about your daily routine.

Cancer Harbors Coaches ask the tough questions, guide and support you in finding the answers and solutions that work for you, in your life, the way you want to live it. Getting you back to living life well, the way you want to.

Cancer Harbors recommendations are evidence-based and regularly updated.