FIERCE: A Complete Approach

FIERCE: A Complete Approach
November 22, 2015 Alene Nitzky


FIERCEĀ® is an approach to wellness through activity, to improve quality of life. It goes beyond physical activity and exercise, but it includes these important components of wellness.

FIERCE goes beyond the physical when it comes to health and wellness. While physical activity and exercise are critical elements of good health, they must provide benefits to the other important dimensions of health to be most effective.

If exercise is perceived to be a negative, based on past experience, difficulty due to illness, injury, disability, or current weight or body size, then it’s less likely that someone will do enough activity to give them the health benefits they need.

FIERCE is an acronym for the following components. Look at them one at a time, and know that they all work together and are interdependent.

Functional & Fit: Simply defined, fitness isĀ as the ability to be able to do all of the things that one wants to do. In order to do things independently and to one’s satisfaction, there is something called functional fitness. It means that you are able to function physically and mentallyĀ to be able to do these things. There are cognitive (mental) and physical parts of function.

Independent: There are physical movements that allow us to perform every day tasks and we need adequate strength in these areas to do things independently. If you are tired and not thinking clearly, this also interferes with your ability to complete a task effectively and safely. Finding ways to cope with fatigue and chemo brain are an important part of FIERCE. Physical activity, mental exercises, and healing timeĀ can help clear the fog.

Energized: Physical activity helps to energize you, helps to feel better when fatigued, clears your mind of clutter, improves blood flow to your heart, muscles, and brain. Mild exercise helps with healing by improving circulation and bringing more oxygen in.

Restored: After physical activity you feel better. If you do it consistently for a period of time, you build strength and decrease your oxygen needs at rest, giving you more energy to do things. This makes you more resilient, mentally sharp,Ā and can help your immune system protect you.

Confident: When you have more energy, your mood is better, you’ll be able to think and interact with others and feel good about it instead of going into situations fatigued. You build strength which helps you feel better about your body, even if it has undergone substantial changes as a result of treatment for cancer. When you use your body, you feel more confident that it will work for you.

Empowered: As you build strength, independence, and energy, you will find yourself feeling more in control of your life and being able to cope with things as they come up. You will feel better about the prospects for every day.

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