Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I afford it? Is it covered by insurance?

    Yes, you can afford it. Cancer Harbors costs a small amount compared to many other healthcare services such as consultations, that only interact with you for a few minutes. It’s an investment in your own health and your own future. For some people, it is possible to have better health after cancer. If you’re serious about putting for the effort to improve your quality of life and are open to establishing new skills and habits, you can have focused, professional guidance to coach you through these changes so they will be permanent.

    Think about how much money you might spend in a month on restaurant meals, coffee or drinks, cable TV, or other forms of passive entertainment. Those expenses don’t contribute to your health, and may actually detract from it.

    You are worth the investment! Your health is everything.

    Cancer Harbors is not covered by insurance. Private insurers will only cover certain services related to cancer rehabilitation. This limited array of services often does not cover the wide range of needs of people after treatment. Many of those needs must be met in the community by independent providers. The expense and time of working with insurance companies can be prohibitive for small providers.

    There is nothing free. If you have a single payer health care system, you will pay from taxes. If you have the current system, you will either pay out of your paycheck or a premium to a private insurance company, along with any copays or deductibles. Non-reimbursed services in the community can often be extremely helpful, and the true cost is actually less than paying for the reimbursed services. Being reimbursed by insurance companies is not a measure of the value of a service. The real value of a service is how it makes YOU feel.

    Cancer Harbors is offered for a price that is less than most co-pays for a single visit. If you use the videoconferencing services, you can get face-to-face interaction with a professional without the rush of a doctor appointment, and you will get a great value (consider that the average doctor appointment provides less than 10 minutes of face-to-face time).


  • What is Cancer Harbors?

    Cancer Harbors is an online health coaching service designed to support you in your needs for recovery from cancer treatment. It’s designed to last six months. All you need is an e-mail address and an Internet connection.

    It’s like having an extra member of your team after you finish treatment, for reassurance, guidance, and support for the time of transition from being a cancer patient back to a more enjoyable and healthful everyday routine.

    quoteIt is sometimes hard to know exactly what to do for a friend or family member who has been through cancer. Gift baskets, chicken casseroles, car rides to treatments are all wonderful and well-intended acts of kindness. But, consider the fact that so much has been lost through a cancer diagnosis: health, strength, time management, diet, exercise. A cancer patient has been assailed with so much, both physically and emotionally, now there is something you can do for them that will help them re-align their life and purpose.

    You can give your friend or loved one an actual gift of strength and healing; something that would last throughout the year to give them back control of their life after cancer. What if this was an easy gift for you to give as well as for them to use?

    Consider the gift of a Cancer Harbors service for a year. I have worked with Alene in the breast cancer and breast reconstruction community. She works with passion, knowledge of the subject and respect for the patient. I endorse her work and hope that you will consider the gift of her services because it is true, “Living is so much more than surviving”

    -Terri Coutee, educator, patient advocate, and survivor, owner & founder, DIEP C Journey

  • What is the duration of the program?

    Cancer Harbors is designed to be used for six consecutive months, with one monthly face-to-face videoconference with a qualified cancer coach. It is recommended for use any time during the first year or two following completion of treatment, but can be used at any time after a cancer diagnosis. Information is presented on the website that you can access according to your interests and needs, and the accompanying coaching, spread out over 6 months, gives you guidance in many different aspects of your personal recovery, saving you time and energy, to help you build the skills you need. Cancer Harbors teaches you how to incorporate small changes and make them become habits.

  • What is the refund policy?

    There is no refund as the coaching sessions are paid monthly, unless you choose to pay the entire six months at the beginning. In the case of full six month payment, you have a 30 day period in which to change your mind and get 100% refund of your unused coaching sessions. Refund procedure is detailed in the Terms of Use agreement.

  • What does it cost?

    Cancer Harbors costs $125.00 (US) per month and is a six-month-long membership. This amount can be billed monthly as a draft from a credit card or checking account, or paid at once at the beginning of the six months. At the end of the six months, we no longer bill you. You have the option to renew, but we think you’ll be ready to resume life without us standing by. If you choose to do so, you can sign up for individual coaching sessions at any time. These are billed hourly and are a separate service from Cancer Harbors.

    It’s a great value and it might just be the best value in healthcare found anywhere!


  • I live in Canada/U.K./Australia, can I use your services?

    Yes! You can access and use Cancer Harbors from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection. Billing works the same everywhere, there will be a conversion made from your country’s currency.

  • What if I need to send protected health information to you?

    Cancer Harbors utilizes a HIPAA compliant, secure encrypted e-mail service where you may send medical records, medication lists, personal health history, and other protected health information and correspondence securely and confidentially. You will receive a password to open any email sent between you and Cancer Harbors.

  • I’m not very tech savvy. How do I use the teleconferencing service?

    Very simple to use. All you do is open the email we send you with a link in it, click on the link, and you’re automatically connected. You’ll need to make sure your webcam and internal microphone are working so you can see and hear, and be heard.

  • What if I need more personalized attention?

    You can purchase additional private sessions via phone with your coach for a low rate. Sessions as short as 15 minutes can be arranged. The cost is $125 an hour, billed in 15 minute increments.

  • What does Cancer Harbors provide?
    • Personalized, monthly guided coaching sessions tailored to your individual needs and helping you focus on the issues most important to you, helping you set goals , be accountable, and make progress.
    • A library of downloadable pdf files on a variety of topics (updated constantly with latest in evidence-based research) teaching information, explanation of the importance to the survivor, recommendations for action through activities, checklists, and suggestions
    • Access to a library of exercise videos all of which you can do at home with ordinary household items, no special exercise equipment needed
    • Tips on where to find the resources you need in your own community
  • Where can it be used?

    You can use Cancer Harbors in the privacy of your home, on your laptop, tablet or phone when it’s convenient for you. Think of all the time you spend in the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices? You can use Cancer Harbors there! You don’t need any special equipment, even for the exercise portions.

  • When should it be used?

    Cancer Harbors is ideally designed for use within the first year, up to two years out of treatment, but it can be used at any time. It is not recommended for use during treatment because many of the recommendations can be incompatible with your medical needs and the unpredictable response of your body to treatment. It is recommended during maintenance therapy, such as ongoing endocrine therapy like Tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors, or while anticipating further reconstructive surgeries. Always consult your physician before beginning any program.

  • Who can use Cancer Harbors?

    Cancer Harbors is for cancer survivors and their caregivers, who are closely in tune with the survivor’s needs and experiences. The year-long format is ideal because of the many issues that can come up unexpectedly in the year following treatment.

    The information provided gives support to the person with cancer, caregivers, family, friends, and advocates. It is also helpful for people who live far from major urban cancer centers and support networks. It can also be used by professionals who want to learn more about cancer survivors’ challenges.

  • Why is it needed in addition to a survivorship care plan from the doctor?
    • A typical survivorship care plan medicalizes the follow-up care after treatment. The medical follow-up care of scans, tests, labs, and screenings is important. Cancer Harbors users are encouraged to stick to their doctors’ recommendations regarding these guidelines. These are important in early detection of recurrence and treatment of any physical issues that may arise.
    • Doctors and nurses are focused on taking care of patients in treatment, and often do not have the skills or time to teach behavioral interventions and work closely to meet the survivor’s specific needs. They may also be unaware of resources for survivors in their own communities.
    • Not only are there lasting physical effects, but cancer impacts a person’s emotional, mental, occupational health, social relationships and roles, priorities, functional ability, and everyday living. While these dimensions of healing are sometimes mentioned briefly in the survivorship care plan, the patient is rarely given guidance, direction, or a referral to specific resources.
    • Cancer Harbors directs the survivor to the appropriate resources more promptly, without the delay, frustration, and miscommunication of general survivorship care plans. It facilitates communication between the survivor and their doctors, for a better outcome from follow-up appointments.
    • Cancer Harbors is not a medical treatment plan. It is not a “fix”. It helps the survivor build skills, knowledge, and support for recovery from lasting effects of treatment, helps them reframe goals and priorities, and get what they need for support in all areas of their lives that have been affected by cancer. It provides guidance for action, with checklists, activities, and the best resources to seek out when issues persist. It addresses health learning needs around cancer recurrence risk reduction, managing fatigue, cognitive function, sleep, rest, and energy.

Personalized Cancer Survivorship Care Plan

Personalize Your Cancer Survivorship Care Plan