Cancer Survivorship Skills Tweetchat

Cancer Survivorship Skills Tweetchat
July 7, 2015 Alene Nitzky

Twitter Chat 2015-07-16Please join Tigerlily Foundation and Sunspirit Wellness Services LLCĀ as we collaborate to bring a tweetchat on cancer survivorship skills to Twitter on Thursday July 16th from 8:30 to 9:30 pm Eastern Time. Please use the hashtags #ybcsempowered and #cancerharbors to follow along.

We will be discussing some of the skills to help young womenĀ successfully work through the many issuesĀ as a result of having breast cancer at a young age. One of the main concerns is working with health care providers and getting them to listen and respond to the needs of young people. Younger people haveĀ unique andĀ variedĀ concerns, needs, preferences and lifestyles that differ from those of older adults.

It takes self-advocacy and assertiveness skills on the part of the patient, which are not something most young people learn to do with their doctors. At the same time, doctors are learning to adjust to the needs of younger patients who want treatment and outcomes that are different than thoseĀ of older or chronic disease patients.

Information is presented in different categories, or skill sets, ranging from exercise and activity, to nutrition and weight control, to working throughĀ social and relationship difficulties, managing energy, creating restful and healing settings at home, making space for creative expression, meeting spiritual needs, and more. All information provided in Cancer Harborsā„¢ is paired with action items and presented in a way that it can be easily used.

Self-care, learning to adjust expectations and set realistic goals during recovery from treatment, living inĀ and regaining confidence in a changed body, rediscovering priorities and happiness, finding new paths and options in life are skills. In addition to learning information, it’s important to be able to take action to use those skills to enhance your overall health as you move forward.

Cancer Harbors is an affordable service with a small monthly fee to avoid placing an additional financial burden on the client, while personal guidance via onlineĀ contact with the cancer health coach is provided to address individual needs. The service is planned for launch and release in fall, 2015. For questions please contact us.


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