2016 Breast Cancer Rehab Summit

2016 Breast Cancer Rehab Summit
October 5, 2016 Alene Nitzky
breast cancer rehab summit

breast cancer rehab summitInternational Online Breast Cancer Rehab SummitĀ for Healthcare Providers, December 6-12, 2016Ā 

This Online Summit featuresĀ Cancer RehabĀ innovators from all over the world discussing their work and new approaches to meeting the rehab needs of women and men withĀ breast cancer. Here is a short video to tell you more aboutĀ the summit. The Summit aims to reach out to physicians and other healthcare providers to increase their awareness of the rehab services that are available worldwide so that they can refer patients to a wider range of professional services than may be available in their local communities.

AleneĀ will be interviewed about her work encompassing the role of physical activity in overall functioning for self-care, holistic recovery, and restoration of quality of life around cancer treatment. She will speak about her FIERCE concept and the Cancer Harbors program, the availability of the program worldwide via teleconferencing, and discuss their theoretical basis in leisure sciences, motivation, self-efficacy, and skill-building.

A free 24 hour pass is available, please contact Alene at info@cancerharbors.com for details.Ā  #BCRSummit16Ā Ā  Registration link

Innovation in cancer recovery is often slow to be adopted as large healthcare organizations tend to limit their offerings to the established, reimbursable services. Limitations on time, resources, staff and skill sets may impede the ability of healthcare providers to learn about emerging therapies and approaches. As a result, patients may also miss out on opportunities toĀ benefit.

Future changes in healthcare delivery will require better controls on costs of treatment, so that more resourcesĀ are available and allocated toward recovery, allowing patients to gain relief from symptoms and improveĀ function and quality of life after treatment.


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