Cancer Harbors Book Progress Report

Cancer Harbors Book Progress Report
March 1, 2017 Alene Nitzky
cancer harbors book

I’ve been busy putting Cancer Harbors into book form these past few months. I’ve found a publisher and I’m making steady progress. The book should be available in late 2017.

Writing a book takes persistence, dedication,  and focus. There have been numerous distractions but I take them in stride. Here’s a post I recently wrote in a series on The Social Nurse about my author journey.

The Cancer Harbors book will consist of a discussion about how we currently address care and post-treatment care in what is now called “survivorship”. A drastic change of approach is needed if we to reduce the rate at which we create more medical needs for people who’ve been through treatment. We need to be able to move past treating the disease and leaving a patient behind.

We need to prevent, prepare and pre-hab potential and existing cancer patients, as well as survivors, with a more humane, quality of life-focused approach. Despite the slow pace of change in healthcare in the U.S., we need to move forward with better approaches to cancer care because we are creating more cancer survivors all the time and people are suffering. We need to get a hold of the major problems contributing to inadequate restorative care after treatment.

The solutions involve all players in healthcare, from policymakers and legislators, to executives and administrators, physicians, nurses, patients, caregivers, family members and citizens of all ages.


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