The Best Survivorship Coaching Available Anywhere!

The Best Survivorship Coaching Available Anywhere!
May 16, 2016 Alene Nitzky

What’s in Cancer Harbors? The Best Cancer Survivorship Coaching Available Anywhere!

Cancer Harbors teaches, guides and coaches you in building your own skills for managing and recovering from lasting effects of cancer treatment. Here’s our Table of Contents and a description of each module.

How does it work? When you sign up, you get access to all of these modules over a year’s time, and they are self-paced, with activities and suggestions for action that can be used right away. You can read them online or download them. You have a whole year to ask questions, get assistance and coaching in making changes in your life and health based on what you’ve learned, and are part of this supportive and informative community that helps you build recovery and self-care skills that will last a lifetime.

What’s the value? Think about what happens when you have a question for your doctor. You have to make an appointment, you have to travel to the office and often wait. You pay a co-pay. And then you only get fifteen minutes. If you hired a cancer health coach, that can cost hundreds of dollars for a session, and can require a long-term, expensive contract.

What will it do for you? With Cancer Harbors, you can access support and ask questions at your convenience, from the privacy of your home, with a choice of times to participate in group videoconferences to hear from others working through the program, and talk face-to-face with your coach. Cancer Harbors allows you to take action immediately.

  • explains and teaches the whys and rationales for following your cancer doctors’ guidelines and recommendations, both during and after treatment. People are more likely to follow guidelines correctly if they understand why they are given;
  • build skills for resolving issues and obstacles to recovering physically & emotionally, both now and in case of future challenges related to your cancer treatment or health;
  • gain confidence in taking the best care of yourself and advocating for your needs;
  • find the right resources & professionals to help you in your own community;
  • create supportive surroundings and a restorative environment for your own well-being, wherever you are, while focusing on positive, healing activities;
  • increase your knowledge and understanding of what you read and hear in the media and on the street about cancer, nutrition, exercise, & other health topics.

Why is Cancer Harbors needed now?

Especially for caregivers and family members: we need to get past our fear of discussing cancer that keeps us in the dark until the crisis happens. If between one-third and one-half of us will have cancer in our lifetimes, we cannot afford to wait any longer to start educating the public about cancer, so we can be more prepared and less vulnerable at the moment of diagnosis and moving forward from there.

Regardless of what type or stage of cancer you had, or whether you’re the patient, survivor, caregiver, or anyone who cares about living well with or after cancer, there is ALWAYS something that can be done better. Because of our advances in cancer treatment, we now have about 15 million cancer survivors in the U.S. alone, and growing every day.

Because living is so much more than surviving…

We haven’t made the same rate of advances in how we take care of ourselves after treatment and address the need for cleaning up the mess left behind, whatever you call it- collateral damage, ongoing, long-term, or late effects. When you’ve gone through the effort, suffering, and expense to save your life, it needs to be a life worth living.

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