Navigating the C

A Nurse Charts the Course for Cancer Survivorship Care

Alene Nitzky, Ph.D., RN, OCN

Foreword by Survivorship Solutions Co‑Founders

Kristin M. Carroll, PT & Jillian Schmitt, MSPT, CEAS

Do you want to take control of restoring your well-being and quality of life after cancer treatment? Would you like to feel more confident in helping someone you love through a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and beyond? Do you want to make the thought of a cancer diagnosis less traumatic and terrifying? 

Navigating the C provides the insight, knowledge, and skills everyone needs to prepare for a cancer diagnosis affecting someone close to them.  The book walks you through the steps to improve your cancer literacy so you can communicate your needs in the healthcare system, and find your way back from cancer to being yourself, and the potential for emerging better than ever.

Origins of Cancer Harbors

Cancer Harbors Founder Alene Nitzky

“Alene helped with my immediate health needs in union with my physical, spiritual and emotional issues. Her approach is a unique blend of inspiration and compassion, combining her expertise as a oncology nurse, in the workings of the human body, as a coach and healer, enabled me to embark through a personal transformation after cancer. I am deeply grateful for the way you shared your passion and purpose.”

K.B., Fort Collins, CO

  1. A Self-Care Exercise
  2. About Online & Printed Information
  3. After Cancer Treatment: Important Things to Know
  4. AIs: Holding Yourself & Your Doctor Accountable with a Checklist
  5. Athletes with Cancer
  6. Beginning Weight Bearing Routine for Osteoporosis
  7. Benefits of Exercise Related to Cancer
  8. Beware! Too Good to be True! (Using Caution with Health Information)
  9. Breast Reconstruction Options
  10. Chair Core Routine
  11. Control
  12. Dealing with Difficult People
  13. De-Stressing (Not Stress Management)
  14. Diaphragmatic Breathing
  15. During Cancer Treatment: Important Things to Know
  16. Electrolytes
  17. Emotional Needs & Support
  18. Exercise & Activity Part I: The Basics
  19. Exercise & Activity Part II: FIERCE Concept, Yoga, & Other types of exercise
  20. Exercise During Chemotherapy & Radiation: Precautions with Active Cancer Treatment
  21. Exercise Safety
  22. Exercise vs. Physical Activity: Understanding the Difference
  23. Exercises to do After Breast Surgery: With or Without Reconstruction
  24. Facing Fears & Anxiety
  25. Full Body Warmup Routine
  26. Goal Setting & Reframing
  27. Healthy Foods vs. Healthy Diet
  28. Home & Everyday Safety
  29. Indoor Restorative Environments
  30. Joint Aches
  31. Journaling & Expressive Therapies
  32. Lemonade Routine: Exercises to do in bed
  33. Lifelong Learning
  34. Living with Aromatase Inhibitors & Tamoxifen
  35. Lymphedema
  36. Mental Health & Cancer: Depression, Anxiety or other conditions
  37. More About Blood: Anemia
  38. More About Blood: Neutropenia
  39. More About Blood: Thrombocytopenia
  40. Nadir
  41. Neuropathy
  42. Newly Diagnosed with Cancer? Important Things to Know
  43. Outdoor Restorative Environments
  44. Pain After Cancer Treatment
  45. Prevention, Risk & Cause
  46. Quality of Life (Food for Thought)
  47. Radiation Therapy Aftereffects
  48. Self-Advocacy: Actions to Take as an Effective Self-Advocate
  49. Self-Advocacy: Communication with Healthcare Providers & Physicians: Finding the Right Doctor
  50. Self-Advocacy: Communication with Healthcare Providers & Physicians; Scope of Practice, Expectations vs. Reality, Palliative Care
  51. Self-Advocacy: Communication with Healthcare Providers & Physicians; Symptoms & Pain
  52. Self-Advocacy: Introduction
  53. Self-Advocacy: Taking Responsibility for Your Ongoing Health
  54. Sleep
  55. Spiritual Considerations
  56. Taking Action with Side Effects of Aromatase Inhibitors
  57. Taking Medication
  58. Time & Energy Conservation (Coping with Fatigue)
  59. Trauma, PTSD & Coping
  60. Understanding Chemo Brain & Cognitive Dysfunction
  61. Understanding Labs (Blood Work)
  62. Understanding the Language of Exercise
  63. Upper Body Warmup Routine
  64. Using Social Media & Tweetchats for Information & Support
  65. Weight Control & Nutrition I
  66. Weight Control & Nutrition II
  67. Weight Control & Nutrition III
  68. Weight Control & Nutrition IV
  69. Weight Control & Nutrition V
  70. What Doctors and Nurses Don’t Talk About
  71. What is Cancer Prehabilitation?
  72. What to Do About Chemo Brain & Cognitive Dysfunction
  73. Workplace, Occupational, and Legal Considerations
  74. Your Blood & How It Works
  75. Your Veins & Chemotherapy

Meet Alene Nitzky, Ph.D., RN, OCN

Alene Nitzky, Ph.D., RN, OCN [headshot]

Alene Nitzky is a Registered Nurse certified in Oncology with experience in critical care, chemotherapy infusion, community survivorship care, and oncology research. She is the founder of Cancer Harbors, the FIERCE exercise program, and author of Navigating the C: A Nurse Charts the Course for Cancer Survivorship Care. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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